Parents’ Responsibilities

By enrolling in OPEPO, each family commits to volunteering time in the classroom (either regularly or for special events such as field trips), and serving on at least one committee. Monthly parent meetings are an essential part of the program.

Providing volunteer help in the classroom on a regular basis: For parents whose schedule precludes regular in-classroom work, other projects such as field trips or book orders are available. Having parents actively involved with the children’s daily life is an essential facet of the program. OPEPO doesn’t work without parent participation.

Attending monthly parent meetings: These are held one evening a month and last roughly 2 hours. Parent meetings are a forum for community dialogue and sharing of information; decisions are made by consensus. Child care is usually available.

Being a member of and regularly attending meetings of at least one committee or special project task force: Parents are expected to attend scheduled committee meetings. Standing committees include: Enrollment, Vision, Fundraising, Enrichment, and Frameworks. Committees typically meet monthly for roughly an hour. Throughout the year, special projects may create additional opportunities to get involved with OPEPO. All committees send a representative to a monthly Steering Committee meeting, which sets the agenda for the Parent Meeting.

Being aware of and involved with your child’s program: This happens through frequent contact with OPEPO staff, by attending parent conferences, by talking with your child about school, and by reading the weekly Friday Letter.

Understanding and accepting OPEPO’s philosophy, as outlined in the Parent Handbook.